Yoga Mela Festival


13 juli, 2024






Welcome to a celebration full of authentic joy, freedom and devotion

Yoga Mela is an 8-day festival in the spirit of yoga, sacred music & divine wisdom – full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and a thriving learning towards a new humanity.

Find soulful connections with like-minded people and dwell in a devotional atmosphere of peace, harmony and mindfulness. The retreat-style gathering is held in the beautiful nature sanctuary of Divinya – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness – home to an international, spiritual community in the south of Sweden.

Aftermovie of The Yoga Mela Festival 2023

What can you expect?

8 days of Yoga and Movement
Take part in the extended yoga and movement programs catering to various skill levels. Participants will enjoy traditional, innovative and authentic approaches to yoga and body-mind practices.

Finest Sacred Music Concerts
Every evening of the festival comes with an  enriching concert conducted by world-class sacred music artists. They go beyond conventional concerts, as the collective experience of devotion touches ones’ heart, mind and soul.

Spiritual Teachings
Experience the graceful presence of an enlightened Master and receive life-transforming insights into spirituality, consciousness and inner growth during daily Satsangs with Guruji Sri Vast.

…and much more…

  • Transformational Workshops
  • Kirtan and Mantra Singing
  • Meditation – a living practice
  • Community and Connection
  • Be a Karma Yogi
  • A Mindfulness Festival
  • A Culinary Delight
  • Children Festivity
  • Living in Beauty

Over 100 programs

Satsang | Sacred Music | Yoga | Kirtan | Children’s Festival | Workshops | Deep Ecology | Food Festival | Yogic Life

The Line up for 2024 includes spiritual speakers, renowned yoga teachers, some of the best sacred music artists and much more. To mention a few:

  • Guruji Sri Vast – an enlightened Master and profound Mystic full of authentic joy, love, grace, and a flow of natural wisdom – teaching a practical and life-affirming wisdom towards total liberation.
  • Deva Premal & Miten are at the forefront of the blooming world-wide chant phenomenon. Their deep musical experiences open a portal to contemplation and inner peace – an offering to the Divine.
  • Brenda McMorrow is  known for her unique and warmly embracing style of mantra music. She blends elements of world rhythms, acoustic folk and ancient Indian chants.
  • Mirabai Ceiba – A new style of world devotional music. Mirabai Ceiba’s concerts embody the profound belief in music as a universal language, uniting all the world’s people, cultures and traditions. “Where language stops, music begins – it crosses all boundaries.”
  • Satyaa & Pari – Both having lived in the presence of spiritual masters for many years in India, have transformed their lives for good.
    Their Mantra Concerts is an invitation to sing along, dance and rejoice – a real enjoyment for lovers of mantra- and devotional chant music.
  • Manu Om – The repertoire offered by Manu Om alternates between mantras and prayers from the Sikh Dharma (Gurmuki) and Sanskrit. Both paths offer in their practice the song and sweetness of Bhakti (devotion).

Your Hosts

Behind Yoga Mela stands the Divinya community – an international yoga community – and a group of volunteers who joyfully co-create the festival together. The community organizes Yoga Mela as a fully non-profit and voluntary based festival.

Words of past visitors

My experiences at the festival are beyond words, beyond my expectations. I gained so much energy, self insights, friends, connections, inspiration, ideas! My yoga batteries are refilled – I burn now to continue my journey – living and sharing Yoga with others. – Stephanie

I don’t think I have ever experienced such harmony, such unity and accord – among a group of people who don’t know each other, people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages. This space is a space of wisdom, presence and attention – a space of love. – Irina

For me it was very healing to be in the vibrant field of loving, caring and joyful energy during these 8 days. Deep connections were being made and unforgettable moments of ecstatic joy, singing on top of our voices and dancing away happening daily. Beautiful! – Anders 


Included in the festival ticket

  • Over 100 programs
  • 3 meals per day
  • Tenting space

You are offered a space to put up your own tent.

If you would like to have an already existing prepared tent, you can add to the normal ticket the “SAFARI TENT”, which is the most popular accommodation during the festival. They offer a homeful outdoor experience in the beautiful green and they accommodate 2–3 people and have comfortable camping beds. There are also single tents upon availability.

Specifics of SAFARI TENT:
•Beds with foam mattress
Duvets & pillows
• Cotton bed linen
• Bring your own towel

Safari Tents are 5 meters in diameter, 3 meters height at center pole.
You can either book the whole safari tent single, with your friend/partner, or you can book one bed and will share the tent with 1-2 participants of the same gender that we allocate.

Toilets and warm showers are accessible near the camping site and on the festival terrain.

Adress: Divinya, Farstorp, 24192 Eslöv, Sweden

3 meals per day is included in the ticket. Wonderful vegetarian dishes are served. Gluten Free and vegan options are available.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at:

This festival will mainly be conducted in English.

If you encounter obstacles
In case of illness or any other sudden event, an alternative spot at a retreat is offered. Please notify us as soon as possible!

Come and immerse yourself into a magical and loving atmosphere of peace, harmony and mindfulness! Partial payment via Klarna is possible for those who wish!

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Event FAQs

How do I get there?

Yoga Mela is held in Divinya – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, in the south of Sweden, only 50 min by train from Copenhagen Airport.

If I don't feel comfortable in taking part in something; do I still have to join?

We might find ourselves in one or two challenging situations that make us grow and learn! Although, you are as free as the birds fly!

I'm pregnant; can I still join?

Of course! All children is welcome as well!

I have a disease of some sort, can I take part?

Yes! Just please reach out to


I have a food allergy - will that work?


Yes! Just please reach out to

  • Divinya
  • Farstorp
  • Eslöv
  • 24 192
  • Sweden


  • 13 juli, 2024 13:00   -   20 juli, 2024 16:00
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