Meditation Foundations Retreat


18 november, 2023




A deep dive in your meditation practice…

The retreat aims to help individuals learn foundational skills for establishing or enhancing their meditation practice. As a framework for the gradual development of attention, we use the most complete and detailed description in any contemplative literature – the ten stages of meditation.

We assist you in learning an hour of uninterrupted attention through a modern approach to the Elephant Path, and our goal is to help participants reach Stage 4 within three months. These ten stages are sequential. The stages start with a mind that cannot focus for more than a few seconds and culminates in a state of sublime stability and vividness that can be sustained for hours. One progresses through each stage by rooting out progressively more subtle forms of the two obstacles: mental agitation and dullness. The successful accomplishment of each stage is determined by specific criteria and is accompanied by a clear sign.

The ten stages

1. Directed attention

2. Continuous attention

3. Resurgent attention

4. Close attention

5. Tamed attention

6. Pacified attention

7. Fully pacified attention

8. Single-pointed attention

9. Attentional balance

10. Shamatha

The program starts with a two-day intensive retreat that covers the basics of meditation, including meditative concentration, walking meditation, and loving-kindness/self-compassion meditation. After the two-day course, participants will be given beta access to our new meditation app, trained on over 200 experienced elephant path meditators. The app aims to help you continue your practice at home, supporting your journey towards climbing the elephant path leading to improved attention and emotional resilience.

Check out this short info video from your host Carl himself.

Daily Lectures & Q&A Sessions

You will also have the chance to engage in a Q&A with meditation master Bodhi, a former Neuroscientist and philosopher from UC berkley turned Buddhist monk for 20+ years. With over 15 years of silent retreat experience and more than 50,000 hours of meditation experience, his mind has been the subject of extensive research. He was ordained in the same tradition as Björn Natthiko Lindblad. We are happy to offer retreat scholarships to those who are unable to afford, please reach out to to learn more.

You’ll have the chance to engage in a Q&A with Bodhi, a former UC Berkeley Neuroscientist and philosopher turned Buddhist monk with 20+ years of experience. He has over 15 years of silent retreats and 50,000+ hours of meditation. His mind has been extensively studied. He shares a tradition with Björn Natthiko Lindblad.

Endorsed by Stockholm University

Our meditation teacher Dr. Robert Johansson contributes valuable expertise to our meditation programs. Robert helps guide our approach, ensuring we’re aligned with modern mental health insights.

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – 8:30: Welcome and Introduction – An Overview of the Ten Stages of Meditative Training

8:30 – 9:00: Introduction to the 6-Point Meditation Preparation

9:15 – 10:00: Guided Meditation: The 6-Point Meditation Preparation

10:15 – 11:00: Lecture 2: The Four Stage Transition to the Meditation Object

11:00 – 11:45: Guided Meditation: The Four Stage Transition to the Meditation Object

11:45 – 12:45: Lunch and Practical Lecture on the 5 Hindrances

12:45 – 13:30: Loving Kindness Guided

13:45 – 14:30 : Silent Meditation

14:45 – 15.30 : Silent Meditation

15:45 – 16:30: Silent Meditation

16:45 – 18:00: Special Guest Lecture with monk Bodhi

Words of past students

“Carl is an incredible meditation teacher. If you’re looking for highly personalized guidance on how to get to the next stage in your meditation practice, you should talk to Carl!” – Lonis H.

“The Frid company program gave me the tools to start my meditation practice. It outlined the goals and challenges of learning meditation in a high-paced modern age and helped me see attention as a trainable skill. The integrated approach keeps meditation engaging and motivates me to keep going, making me realize the real benefits of a consistent practice!” – Emelie K.

Your guides

Carl Frid

Carl Linden is a former finance professional who has spent hundreds of days meditating in silent retreat. Having discovered meditation through dealing with severe ADHD, he quickly realized the potential of the transformative effects of a deep meditation practice. Being impressed with the profundity of the teachings in traditional meditation literature, he quit his job in Finance to dedicate himself full-time to meditation and awakening. Since returning to society, his goal is to give an authentic presentation of eastern philosophy and deep-meditation practice in a modern secular way.

Ajahn “Roger” Buddhisaro
(Same tradition as Björn “Natthiko” Lindblad)
Ajahn Buddhisaro is a Buddhist monk ordained in 2002 in the Thai Forest tradition (Same as Björn “Natthiko” Lindblad). He first became interested in meditation while completing degrees in neuroscience and philosophy at UC Berkeley in California. Upon graduating he travelled extensively throughout Asia, studying and practicing eastern philosophy and meditation in places such as India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Meeting renowned leaders like the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh inspired him to enter extended monastic retreat as a Buddhist monk. His ongoing interests include the art and science of meditation, ethics, and human awakening. He is currently on research sabbatical at Dharma Treasure in Arizona, USA, occasionally teaching or leading retreats.


What is included?

  • Lectures
  • Meditations
  • Beta app access to progress in your practice after retreat

This retreat is divided in two parts and hence does it not provide any accomodation.
Saturday 08 – 18
Sunday 08 – 18

Adress: Riddargatan 16, 114 51 Stockholm

No food is included in this retreat. You will have the chance to either bring your own lunch or eat out.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at:

This retreat will be held in English.

Invest in your health and give yourself an experience that will serve you well throughput life.
Partial payment via Klarna is possible for those who wish!

Retreat utgången

Event FAQs

How do I get there?

Adress: Riddargatan 16, 114 51 Stockholm.

In the heart of Stockholm, Frid Meditation is easiest reached by subway to Östermalmstorg to then have a pleasant 5 minute meditative walk in the city busyness.

If I don't feel comfortable in taking part in something; do I still have to join?

We might find ourselves in one or two challenging situations that make us grow and learn! Although, you are as free as the birds fly!

I'm pregnant; can I still join?

Yes, everyone is welcome to this retreat!

I have a disease of some sort, can I take part?

Of course you can! Please reach out to


  • Riddargatan 16
  • Stockholm
  • 114 51
  • Sweden


  • 18 november, 2023 08:00   -   19 november, 2023 18:00
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