Kirtan and Mantra Training with Diana Bolo


6 september, 2023




The Wild Meadow Retreat

Lead a group into deep singing meditation.

Welcome to a retreat dedicated to Kirtan as well as your well-being and personal growth. It’s for You who would like to inspire people to sing along with you. It is for those of You who would love to learn how to lead Kirtan!

We will start our journeys with rejuvenating practices such as Yoga, Breathwork, or Meditation, setting a positive tone for the day. Moving on we will immerse ourselves in the world of Voice Work and Music Instruments, discovering the power of sound and self-expression. We will dive into the art of Facilitating and Holding Space and learning the art of guiding and nurturing others.

This retreat is designed to resonate with your soul, promoting self-awareness, connection, and personal growth.


Kirtan is a devotional practice involving the singing or chanting of sacred hymns, prayers, or mantras. This form of musical meditation aims to connect individuals with the divine or spiritual essence. Kirtan is often performed in congregational settings, such as temples or spiritual gatherings.

Your guide

Diana Bolo

Diana developed this training based on 7 years of her experience as a kirtan singer. She went the hard way – having no experience with mantras or spirituality, and not playing any instruments. After leading dozens of workshops in voice opening, she decided to create space for those who want to go deeper, to learn how to play instruments as they chant mantras. This training is designed for those who want to learn the most common harmonies in kirtan and for those who aspire to lead their own kirtan one day.

She noticed that very few kirtan singers are willing to share the chords to their mantras, and beginner singers often struggle with finding more melodies and mantras to sing. Diana decided to consolidate all her knowledge and share it with anyone who would like to follow her path in kirtan.

At this retreat You will:

  • Learn to play basic accompaniment on the instruments (guitar, harmonium, shruti box, ukulele, piano, drums)
  • Learn to harmonise and improvise with your voice over the main melody
  • Learn how to switch between the upper pitch and lower pitch of the same mantra melody
  • Learn how to create space for kirtan, how to hold it. What things to focus on. How to make people feel safe in the room, so they can open and sing
  • Learn how to start kirtan and how to close it
  • Receive resources to practice
    – songbook with all chords- Youtube channel with all melodies

Bring all the instruments you have and dare to say YES to your voice!

Daily programme:

8:00 Yoga, Breathwork or Meditation
9:30 Breakfast
10:30 First session (Voice work and Music Instruments)
11:15 Cacao break
12:00 First session (Voice work and Music Instruments)
13:00 Lunch and free time
16:00 Second session (Facilitating and Holding Space)
17:15 Break
17:30 Second session (Facilitating and Holding Space)
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Third session (Kirtan, Breathwork or Sound healing)
22:00 Night tea and sleep

What is included?

  • Programme
  • Accomodation
  • 3 meals per day
  • All materials are included



You will be staying in one of the beautiful glamping tents. The tents are shared 2-3 people.


The Wild Meadow Retreat, Sweden
Beautiful spot in the apple trees garden near the lake to have your last swim of the year.
Closest city – Kristianstad (30 min drive)
Address: Oretorpsvägen 333, 295 94 Näsum


If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Invest in your health and give yourself an experience that will serve you well throughput life.

Partial payment via Klarna is possible for those who wish!

Retreat utgången

Event FAQs

How do I get there?

Oretorpsvägen 333, 295 94 Näsum is located in the north eastern part of Skåne. The simplest way to get here is by car, but you can also travel to Kristianstad and we might be able to link up from there. Please rech out to for further guidance.

I won't be able to be there the whole retreat, can I come anyways?

Of course! Just let us know at:

If I don't feel comfortable in taking part in something; do I still have to join?

We might in some moments challenge ourselves to sing and lead for the benefit of the practice, although you are as free as the birds fly!

Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Comes as you are, Welcome!

  • The Wild Meadow Retreat
  • Oretorpsvägen 333
  • Näsum
  • Näsum
  • 295 94
  • Sverige


  • 6 september, 2023 18:00   -   10 september, 2023 21:00
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