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The Wild Meadow Retreat

Connect with Your inner Children

Join this 5 day journey into the depths of your being to connect with your inner children, who hold the majority of wounding and at the same time great magic.

When we tune into their energies our Inner Children will let us know what we truly need to lead a healthy, happy and empowered life. Rather than avoiding the heavier emotions, it is crucial to turn toward the pain that holds you back and to embrace that what resists, with love and tenderness.

During this retreat we will help you bring back abandoned parts of yourselves and alchemise your pain and struggles into loving power. With this work we will together make a massive contribution to bringing in the energies of the New Earth, which is awakening through every single one of us, but only when we embrace our complete humanity, the light and wisdom as well as the fear and doubt. See even more info in the FAQ below.

We will connect to our Inner Children through…

  • Two deep forest spirit healing ceremonies
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Singing Circles and Voice activation
  • Sound Healing
  • Herbal Medicine Workshop
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Yoga and TRE (Stress and Trauma Release)
  • New Earth Guidance
  • High vibe vegan/ vegatarian food and accommodation
  • Sauna
  • Wild forest walks and Swimming

What you will Love About The Wild Meadow…

THE WILD MEADOW is a sacred space in the southern Swedish forest for you to rest, recharge, relearn and rewild yourself.

The sauna, fireplace, magical garden and surroundings makes this a recipe for a peaceful retreat in nature. The main house (with the master bedroom as well as the only private guest room) is where we will gather for our locally sourced meals and it is bright, airy and with loads of interesting interior from travels all over the world. The healing barn has a sleeping loft for 2 persons and it has a new kitchen and toilet. The guest cottage has a fireplace and its own private patio. The glamping tents are big, spacious and really comfortable.

There is a hot outdoor shower overlooking the forest and a magical lake. The meadow has a large healing tent, where we will gather for ceremonies and do the most part of the work, fully equipped with lambswool yoga mats and bolsters from Yogiraj.

There are several outdoor areas and magical hammocks to chill in- in the warmer months and during our retreat most of the 80 apple trees will be peaking so bring a basket and pick as many as you wish. You can walk through the wild forest or bike to the magical lake. You are in the midst of mind-blowing nature and 40 minutes from some of Swedens more magical beaches in Österlen.

About the facilitators

Hamaima Love
Hamaima is a Shamanic Practitioner, Musician, Sound Healer and Spirit Yoga Teacher with many years of experience in holding space for yoga classes, workshops, ceremonies and retreats world wide. In her work she combines ancient practices from different spiritual traditions to guide and empower those, who feel drawn to the vibration she carries.
Through ancient womb wisdom, inner child work, ancestral healing and cosmic guidance she enables in you an increased state of balance, grounding and harmony.
Hamaima guides you in a playful, creative and equally powerful way, so you experience deep healing and at the same time learn simple tools, that will help you remember “who you are”.

Nina Medicina
Nina is a Nordic Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist as well as a Cacao and Breathwork facilitator and teacher. She is the owner and founder of the magical forest sanctuary- The Wild Meadow in south of Sweden, where you will gather for this retreat.
Nina felt a strong calling to work with earth medicine and she left her 18 year long successful career in the fashion industry during the pandemic and she has been working with herbs, plants, Ceremonial Cacao and breathwork full-time since then. She is very passionate about sharing sacred herbs and plants in ceremonies all over the world combined with an offering she calls Ceremonial Breathwork. She will contribute with breathwork, movement practices, earth magic and herbal healing, cacao ceremony and soundhealing


What is included?

  • Workshops/ceremonies
  • Meals
  • Accomodation

You will be staying in one of our beautiful rooms cottage or glamping tents, either singel or shared 2-3 people.

We will eat healthy and nourishing vegan dishes using highly nutrient superfoods and only high vibe ingredients.

The Wild Meadow Retreat, Sweden

Beautiful spot in the apple trees garden near the lake to have your last swim of the year.
Closest city – Kristianstad (30 min drive)
Address: Oretorpsvägen 333, 295 94 Näsum

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Cancellation policy
If you cancel your spot we will keep a cancellation and admin fee of 1000 sek. If you cancel less than 21 days before the start of the retreat you will get 50% refund. If you cancel less than 7 days before we start the retreat you will not get a refund unless you are sick and can prove that with a doctors letter (not valid from an online dr). If you need to cancel last minute due to unpredicted reasons like illness of you or your children you can move your investment to a future retreat.

Invest in your health and give yourself an experience that will serve you well throughput life.
Partial payment via Klarna is possible for those who wish!

NOTE! Please do not use a Hotmail address when booking, as Hotmail has a bug that prevents your confirmation from being delivered.

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1 person private room

Retreat incl. meals

4 Kvar
13,700.00 kr
1 person shared room

Retreat incl. meals

4 Kvar
11,400.00 kr
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Event FAQs

How do I get there?

Oretorpsvägen 333, 295 94 Näsum is located in the north eastern part of Skåne.

- Easiest is to drive and we can help to arrange carpool (samåkning)

- Coming from Malmö you take the train to Bromölla and then Bus to Näsum k:a and I can pick you up there at a pre- decided time (so everyone will come with the same bus)

- Coming from Stockholm you take the train to Hässleholm and we can arrange pickup with taxi or pick up from someone coming that direction. Depending on time I might be able to pick you up- Price is then 1000 sek one way.

I won't be able to be there the whole retreat, can I come anyways?

Of course! Just let us know at:

If I don't feel comfortable in taking part in something; do I still have to join?

We might in some moments challenge ourselves to sing and lead for the benefit of the practice, although you are as free as the birds fly!

Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Comes as you are, Welcome!

Why inner child work is important?

Inner child work is essential to our healing journey. It helps us connect with our younger selves, the parts that are often ignored. These parts shape how we feel and act now. Unresolved feelings can create problems. By taking care of our inner child, we heal and grow. It's about showing love, healing wounds and finding our authentic selves. This work empowers us to break free from old patterns and find emotional strength. It's a path to self-discovery, healing and a happier life.

What is inner child healing?

Inner child healing involves connecting with the younger version of ourselves, the inner child, and addressing any past wounds or unmet needs. It's a way to heal emotional wounds from our past and create a healthier relationship with ourselves. Working with emotions in this context means acknowledging and processing our feelings in a healthy and constructive way, rather than suppressing or ignoring them. It's about allowing ourselves to feel, express, and understand our emotions, which can lead to healing and personal growth.

How can I connect with my inner child?

Connecting with your inner child is a beautiful and healing journey. You can begin by taking moments of stillness and visualization. Imagine a younger version of yourself within you or standing in front of you. Feel the pure and innocent energy that this child represents. Embrace it with love and compassion as you would a dear friend. Listen to its needs and feelings without judgment and create a safe space for it to express itself. By nurturing your inner child with understanding and care, you pave the way for healing and a deeper connection to your authentic self.

How does inner child healing happen?

Inner child healing unfolds as a gentle and profound process. By creating a safe space within, we allow the emotions of our inner child to surface and be felt without judgment. It's like giving this younger version of ourselves a chance to express its pain, fears and joys. This acknowledgment and acceptance releases trapped energy and allows us to access the wisdom hidden in our past experiences. Through this journey of self-compassion, we receive insights and messages that guide us toward healing and growth. It's like reconnecting with a part of ourselves that holds the keys to our authentic power and healing.

  • The Wild Meadow Retreat
  • Oretorpsvägen 333
  • Näsum
  • Näsum
  • 295 94
  • Sverige


  • 24 juli, 2024 16:00   -   28 juli, 2024 13:00
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