20 oktober, 2023




The Wild Meadow Retreat

A weekend in ceremony…

– Designed to offer release, regeneration and awakening of our organic resonance. – Forest spirit deep meditation ceremony- Cacao Ceremony with Medicine Music – Transformational Breathwork sessions – Voice and Body Workshop – Medicine Chants and mantras.

Welcome to The Wild Meadow outside Näsum in Northern Skåne for a weekend retreat with healing plants and medicine music hosted by Floramor and Nina Medicina- diving into the golden ur-intelligence of Mother Earth. It will be a weekend with a unique blend of healing modalities, designed to offer release, regeneration and awaken our organic resonance. A shamanic journey deep into the roots of our existence here on earth.

Through ceremonies, breathwork, cacao, sound work, forest walks, deep listening, journaling, delicious vegan meals and elixirs, herbal sauna & lake plunges, laughter, dancing, singing and a lot of connection we will let go of our daily programming and take the opportunity to heal in nature together with other likehearted beings.

At the center of the work are two special ceremonies that take place during the weekend:

  • Cacao Spirit Ceremony with Transformational Breathwork and sacred sounds
  • Forest Spirit Ceremony  – we dive into the womb of Mother Earth via the golden network provided by the Forest Spirit, who welcome us directly into Her organic intelligence, allowing us to arrive at the source of being. This magical encounter is held in a safe and respectful way. Noble Silence is the basic rule. The participants travel internally and are accompanied by Medicine Music and prayer rituals. Our ancestral connection can be realized, necessary for providing a sense of belonging.

Leave your 3D structures behind to nourish yourself, open to expansion, and truly root yourself in Mother Earth!


(Just a rough idea, we will flow with the weather and the wind)

07.00 Rising up in silence
07.30 Herbal elixir and a  journaling practice
08.00-09.00 Silent meditation walk in nature and morning swim
09.30 Amazingly nourishing and healthy breakfast
10- 11.00 Free time
11.00- 13.00 Soundlodge – with release, ritual, intention, chants and organic group voice experience.
14:00 Lunch and relaxation
16:00-late Forest Spirit Healing Ceremony


We will eat healthy and nourishing vegan dishes using highly nutrient superfoods and only high vibe ingredients. We will drink epic herbal elixirs, smoothies and of course expect a lot of ceremonial cacao.

About the facilitators:

Floramor is a dedicated singer of medicine music who grew her own garden and underwent extensive personal growth, including time as a yogic ashramite, before embracing the titles of “singer” and “musician.” Her career took off with Mantra Tribe, a band that introduced a unique genre of tribal ecstatic mantra music and performed at major spiritual festivals in Europe since 2016, channeling the energy of Goddess Kali.

Since 2017, Floramor merged her tantric and yogic experiences with plant medicine work, drawing from shamanic traditions in Central and South America to create her music. She honors the unity of spirit across diverse traditions, serving the emergence of new consciousness on the planet. Learn more at

Nina Medicina Nina Medicina, a herbalist, cacao and breathwork facilitator, owns The Wild Meadow sanctuary, where the retreat will be held. With years of experience, Nina passionately shares sacred herbs, plants, and transformational breathwork. She has studied  at The Gaia School of Healing and The School of The Sacred Wild. Currently, she’s enrolled in an 18-month herbal medicine program with Dr. Aviva Romm. Nina holds certifications as a holistic health coach, 200 YTT AMBA women’s embodiment teacher, breathwork teacher (trained by David Elliott), and sound ceremonialist (from Sound Ceremony Academy). Her profound experiences with plant medicine, permaculture, and healers worldwide reaffirm her belief in nature as the ultimate medicine.


What is included?

  • Workshops/ceremonies
  • Meals/elixirs/smoothies
  • Accomodation


You will be staying in one of our beautiful rooms, either singel or shared 2-3 people.


The Wild Meadow Retreat, Sweden
Beautiful spot in the apple trees garden near the lake to have your last swim of the year.
Closest city – Kristianstad (30 min drive)
Address: Oretorpsvägen 333, 295 94 Näsum


If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your spot we will keep a cancellation and admin fee of 2000 sek.
If you cancel less than 14 days before we start the retreat you will not get a refund.
If you need to cancel last minute due to unpredicted reasons like illness  you can move your investment to a future retreat.

Invest in your health and give yourself an experience that will serve you well throughput life.

Partial payment via Klarna is possible for those who wish!

Retreat utgången

Event FAQs

How do I get there?

Oretorpsvägen 333, 295 94 Näsum is located in the north eastern part of Skåne.

- Easiest is to drive and we can help to arrange carpool (samåkning)

- Coming from Malmö you take the train to Bromölla and then Bus to Näsum k:a and I can pick you up there at a pre- decided time (so everyone will come with the same bus)

- Coming from Stockholm you take the train to Hässleholm and we can arrange pickup with taxi or pick up from someone coming that direction. Depending on time I might be able to pick you up- Price is then 1000 sek one way.

I won't be able to be there the whole retreat, can I come anyways?

Of course! Just let us know at:

If I don't feel comfortable in taking part in something; do I still have to join?

We might in some moments challenge ourselves to sing and lead for the benefit of the practice, although you are as free as the birds fly!

Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Comes as you are, Welcome!

  • The Wild Meadow Retreat
  • Oretorpsvägen 333
  • Näsum
  • Näsum
  • 295 94
  • Sverige


  • 20 oktober, 2023 17:00   -   22 oktober, 2023 13:00
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