3 Day “Connect with Your Inner Voice” Retreat


1 december, 2023




Anneberg Retreat Center

Tapping into your core essence…

Many individuals find themselves facing challenges in their lives. The constant stream of distractions and turmoil makes it exceptionally tough to make decisions while maintaining a strong connection with oneself.

Questions like ‘What do I truly desire?’ and ‘Who am I at my core?’ will naturally surface more frequently. To address these inquiries, you’ll need to establish a deeper connection with your inner self. It is here that you’ll discover tranquility, confidence, and ultimately, the answers you seek.

In a small, intimate group (limited to a maximum of 6 participants), we will work together to help you tap into your core essence. From this place, you will gain insights into what might be hindering your journey towards a more liberated life. This newfound clarity will empower you to tread your distinct path with revitalized vigor!

What’s special about this retreat

Immersing yourself in coaching amidst the tranquility of nature allows you to establish a profound connection with your inner self. This is where you’ll uncover all the answers you seek!

This retreat serves as a catalyst to facilitate this connection, enabling us to swiftly delve into the core of your challenges. You’ll start to view your concerns from a fresh perspective, often realizing that the solution was right there, though not immediately apparent. It’s not a matter of intelligence, but rather the tendency to think within familiar patterns.

Once you gain clarity on what’s been obstructing your path, a surge of new energy will be set free. This revitalizing force will empower you to take significant strides along your unique journey, which will become visible over the course of this weekend.

The deeper benefits of this retreat

  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Learn to connect with your inner voice
  • Experience renewed inspiration
  • Reconnect with your intuition and feelings
  • Cultivate trust from within
  • Unwind and relax in a tranquil setting, far from your daily worries and distractions.

Further description

Embracing self-discovery and fostering connections with like-minded individuals lie at the heart of this inspirational weekend. It’s a unique blend of personal introspection and communal engagement that harmoniously intertwines.

In today’s fast-paced world, many struggle to maintain a connection with themselves, often getting swept up in the whirlwinds around them. The key is to find solace in the calm center of the storm—a reflection of your inner voice. Here lies tranquility, where you can tap into your authentic power.

The question arises: How do I forge a connection with my voice? What sensations and insights await me there? What profound revelations can be unearthed? The thread of this weekend is the intention you set at the beginning. What answers are you seeking? What challenges do you aim to overcome? What transformative experiences do you seek? By forging a connection with your inner voice and with fellow participants, you’ll discern whether your intention can evolve into fruition.


15.00 – 16.00 Walk-in with a coffee/tea and a nice healthy snack
16.00 – 17.00 Tour around the garden
18.00 Diner
19.30 Short meditation and 1st session (a.o. setting your intention)

7.30-9.00 Breakfast
10.00 – 11.30 Meditative Yin Yoga
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Coaching/constellation in nature
Evening Free to fill in

07.30 – 9.00 Breakfast
9.30 – 12.00 Hiking and coaching in nature
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Fire ceremony
16.00 End of the retreat

Your coaches

Geraldine Maatman and Eduard Maatman

You will be lead and coached through this weekend by Geraldine and Eduard.
Geraldine is a life coach, energetic worker and teaches yoga. Eduard is both a business- and men’s coach.

“Years ago, we both got stuck. Our business was doing well, but not our ourselves. It was time for a drastic change. We sold our business and both started as holistic coaches. This gave and gives us much more satisfaction! Our move from Holland to Sweden where we could set up our small retreat center in beautiful nature gave an extra dimension to our personal journey.

Our experience is that many people are currently at a crossroads. They are struggling and don’t know how to get their lives back on track. Actually, they already have all the answers, but… they can’t reach them or they don’t listen to the signals. That’s why we try to help people connect with their deeper knowing, so they get clear on what is holding them back and where they want to go. In this way, you can see us as catalysts.”

Words of past visitors

“I just couldn’t get the puzzle complete. Until Eduard helped me get the last essential puzzle pieces in the right place. Now I am ready to take further steps in my life. I am very grateful Eduard!” -Jaring

“I didn’t know what I would find here but now I don ́t even want to leave! I will remember my week at Anneberg, in this little camper, for the rest of my life. Geraldine, your unconditional grace, support, and wisdom is a beacon of healing. Words can ́t capture how grateful I am to you for all our experiences this week. It was so nice meeting you all and making some memories! Take good care of yourselves, plus Nimo, the chickens, the neighbor sheep, and all the forest and property spirits! Until next time!” -Darianne


What is included?

  • 2 nights’ accommodation
  • 2 Daily delicious and nutritious meals
  • Yin Yoga
  • Hiking coaching in beautiful nature
  • Time for yourself, good reading, self-reflection or just doing nothing at all
  • Enlightening exercises and assignments
  • Organic coffee and tea throughout the day
  • Use of towels and bed linen
  • Notebook to write down all your experiences.

You stay in a cozy and comfortable room, alone or with one other person depending on how many will take part. You will share the large common room, kitchen and bathroom/toilet with the other guests. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, stove, fridge/freezer and dishwasher. The large and charming room has double doors to a wooden terrace where you can enjoy the morning sun.

Our cozy small-scale “Anneberg Retreat Center” is beautifully situated in the magical nature of southern Sweden. On our more than 5 acres you can relax in our forest garden. Surrounded by the characteristic Swedish forests and lakes you can take various walks directly from our center.

We buy organic as much as possible and if the harvest allows, we will eat fruits and vegetables from our own vegetable garden.

If you come by plane, it’s best to fly to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) and then continue by train to Lessebo. We will then pick you up from Lessebo.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at:

This retreat will be held in English.


Invest in your health and give yourself an experience that will serve you well throughout life.
Partial payment via Klarna is possible for those who wish!

Retreat utgången

Event FAQs

How do I get there?

Coming by car? Put in Anneberg retreat center to you gps.

If you come by plane, it's best to fly to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) and then continue by train to Lessebo. We will then pick you up from Lessebo.

Coming from Stockholm you can go by train via Växjö and then grab a bus towards Lassebo station where we can pick you up. Or you get off at the station Linneskruv and enjoy a 20 minute walk to the center.

If I don't feel comfortable in taking part in something; do I still have to join?

We might find ourselves in one or two challenging situations that make us grow and learn! Although, you are as free as the birds fly!

I'm pregnant; can I still join?

Yes, everyone is welcome to this retreat!

I have a disease of some sort, can I take part?

Of course you can! Please reach out to info@retreatsverige.se


I have a food allergy - will that work?

Please let us know when booking!

Can I arrive early and/or check out late?
  • Anneberg Retreat Center
  • Hässle Anneberg
  • Lessebo
  • 365 91
  • Sweden


  • 1 december, 2023 16:00   -   3 december, 2023 16:00
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